Hostess Helpers OC
Hostess Helpers OC
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About Hostess Helpers OC
"Hostess Helpers" is specifically designed to make you 'A Guest At Your Own Party'.

My staff and I look forward to serving you soon.

Services We Offer Include:

  • ​Servers
  • Bartenders
  • Kitchen Help
  • Set-up before Party
  • Complete Clean-Up

We don't want you to spend time at your party waiting on your guests.  Give them something more precious ... your attention!

Our Servers are skilled in all aspects from set-up to clean-up and everything in between.  They will take care of it all.  Following is an example of what our services includes:

  • ​Food Finishing
  • Heating
  • Display of hors d'oeuvres or pass if preferred
  • Accepting food delivery
  • Set tables
  • Maintaining a buffet
  • Make coffee, tea, punch
  • Cut and serve cake
  • Clean-up throughout and after the party
  • Remove trash
  • Put away leftover food
  • Clean the kitchen and dining room
  • And much more!

​Along with making sure that your event runs smoothly, having the right staff is crucial to a successful event!
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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
Staffing Guidelines
Every party is different and there are several factors to consider.  Depending on the amount of guests and what is required to make your party an overall success, we will work together and determine the right number of staff, specific needs, and reasonable rates to ensure our party is a success!


   1 Server per XX - XX guests with disposable plates and buffet
    1 Server per XX - XX guests with china plates and buffet
    1 Server per XX - XX guests for a sit down dinner with china

    1 Bartender per 1-50 guests

    Gratuity is a reflection of the qualit of service rendered.  
      Gratuities can be added to the final bill and is 15%-25% as a standard guideline.

    Your lead server will present you with your bill at the end of the event and collect one payment for all staff (including gratuities) and               provide you with a receipt

    Acceptable Payments
    Cash or check made out to Hostess Helper
Please contact us at:  949-456-0197

Janell Robinson
Hostess Helpers
Mission Viejo, California
Our staff is professional.

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